I Love What I do. I'm Going to Keep Doing It. Now Watch Me Work....


“I not only want to be real with my music, but I want people to understand where I am coming from and the journey it took to get to this point through my music. Music isn’t just my life, it’s part of me both Jerry Simmons: a son, brother, husband, and father; and Bustabrowne: the music artist and producer.

Music is an extension of who I am. It expresses my inner thoughts with rhythm and of course a good beat. I’m not just trying to make songs that resonate with others. These same songs came from the depths of my soul and they first resonated with me. I convey real emotions in my music from real experiences. I do this not just because I love it but it is what I was meant to do with my life. This gift that I have I choose to share it with the world in hopes that it reaches someone who needs help. My music is a reflection of my never ending progress towards being more like Jesus and less like “Jerry”.

These series of videos will give you a glimpse of my journey, and I hope you can take something from it. If anything, I want to be transparent with my audience both behind the microphone and in front of the camera as well.”

One on One with Bustabrowne


“Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with good vibes and inspiration.”

If You Like What You See... Then You Will Love What You Will Hear...